Bread, Bread, Bread!

This week as part of our D&T lessons for our topic on World Explorers, we had the chance to taste some yummy bread from around the world.

This was our first D&T lesson where we were evaluating breads that are already on the market before we get the chance to make some bread of our own!

We tasted Baguette and Brioche from France, Pitta from Greece, Tortilla from Mexico and Flatbread from Lebanon. We then talked about the different tastes and textures before finally giving the bread a rating out of 10.

Brioche was a clear winner for 2FD!

Sports Day Fun

Year 2 had a wonderful Sports Day yesterday at Beechcroft. Check out these snaps of all the different activities each team took part in. Well done to the Blue team for the win but well done to all the children for showing great team spirit and sportsmanship.

Thank you to all the parents that came to watch and also to Mr Holland and his wonderful Year 6 volunteers who helped all the events run smoothly!

Robin Hood Academy Report

In our English lessons we have been writing our own Non-Chronological Reports about Robin Hood Academy and why people should come and visit us here. The children used lots of writing skills they have learned throughout the year and they were really proud of their work. Here is a small sample of some wonderful writing from Laila, Khadijah, Ruoxi and Shayaan.

Jubilee picnic and craft

To celebrate Queen’s Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee, we got together in the playground for a picnic with Year 1 and Reception. Earlier in the day, we made flags, decorated our own crowns and learned about the Queen. We read a book called ‘Little Elizabeth’ which was all about the Queen when she was a child. What facts do you remember about her early life?

RE – Agreements and Promises

In our RE lessons this term we have been learning about Judaism and the agreements and promises that Jewish people make to themselves and those around them. We have also been thinking of good ways to help us remember our agreements and promises that we have made – especially the promises we have made at school!

We came up with some ideas as a class about promises we can make. We even remembered to link our promises to our Learning to Learn behaviours when we promised to listen like bats.

Multi-Skills Festival

Yesterday, Year 2 were finally able to go on their first trip out of school and we had a great afternoon at Billesley Tennis Centre taking part in a Multi-skills sports event.

We worked in teams and competed in lots of different sporting activities! We got to use tennis, basketball and rugby equipment and we worked on our speed, balance and throwing and catching skills.

Which was your favourite activity?

Wellbeing Day

Our first day of the Summer term started with lots of fun activities that focused on our well being and also taught us some team building exercises!

We had lots of fun playing games together in the classroom and also thinking about how we can be the great learners and a good friend to others both in the classroom and in the playground.